Exploring the Sweet Subtleties of Vinegar

When Edward Lee was growing up in Brooklyn, his grandmother fermented traditional Korean foods at home to stock the pantry, making her own gochujang and doenjang, along with several kinds of kimchi and rice vinegars. Mr. Lee now makes his own vinegars at 610 Magnolia, his restaurant in Louisville, Ky., using whole raw persimmons, peaches […]

Grant Achatz, Science-Minded Chef, Turns to Cloning

Among his other innovations, Grant Achatz is a pioneer in menu typography. At Alinea, in Chicago, courses on his tasting menus used to be printed in a long, snaking column; sweeter dishes drifted out to the right margin and more savory ones swayed left. At the Aviary, the willfully atypical cocktail lounge he founded in […]

Meat and Potatoes Made Magical

For a special occasion, your best friend, sweetheart or spouse deserves the finest dinner you can produce. For many people, that means the simple luxury of steak and potatoes. Instead of going to a crowded restaurant, you can easily pull off this meal at home — and use the money you save by splurging on […]