Online, a Diverse Winter Olympics. But on the Ground?

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — To say the Winter Olympics are not racially diverse is like noting the weather in Pyeongchang is cold. This is not surprising. The Winter Games have deep Scandinavian roots, and draw athletes from the colder, predominantly white — and often wealthy — regions of the United States, Germany and Austria. But […]

G.O.P. Visions of Tectonic Realignment

Yes, President Trump is vile. That’s a given. Yes, we should focus on the Robert Mueller investigation, particularly since Trump, his congressional cohort and the purely propagandistic Fox News are treating that investigation as an existential threat and actively working to discredit not only Mueller but the entire F.B.I. Yes, we should focus on Trump’s […]

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s First Class Habit Costing Taxpayers Thousands

Bloomberg via Getty ImagesEPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is often booked into first or business class seats, often costing taxpayers thousands more than similar seats in coach. Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, regularly flies first or business class, often costing American taxpayers thousands of dollars more than equivalent seats in coach, The […]