To Knock Out Knockoffs, Knock Off Knockoffs

At a pop-up market stall just off Canal Street, the Madison Avenue of the unauthenticated, shoppers have spent the last week snapping up off-price, jeans, hoodies, T-shirts and boxer briefs with a familiar, almost-right logo: Deisel. Sure, the “i” and “e” are on the wrong side of their usual do-si-do. But you get what you […]

Is Your Dog Ready for Instagram?

Oh, Tuna, you really do have it all: a quirky breed name (a Chiweenie!), everydog imperfections (that overbite!), the sad-sack countenance (I mean, if Buster Keaton were a dog. …). You even have the heartwarming back story: a rescue, adopted from a farmers’ market in Los Angeles. No wonder you have become the canine equivalent […]

Beyond Business as Usual

Let’s just get this out of the way first: Thank god there was no #Wangfest. After two seasons of a show-that-was-actually-a-party, complete with kegs, strobes, a faux standing-room-only audience (when there are no seats, there is no choice) and the premise that atmosphere was more important than actual product — because hey! Instagram! — Alexander […]

At This Film Institute, the Course Material Is Killer

A figment of H. P. Lovecraft’s wicked imagination, Miskatonic University is the Harvard of his horror stories. It appears to be a typical New England college, but elements of the occult are never far from the surface. In contrast, at the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, which takes its name from the fictional university, frights […]

When Champions League Cash Tilts the Playing Field

ATHENS — The game is drifting, goalless, toward its close when a heavy tackle from an Olympiacos player leaves Konstantinos Galanopoulos, a young midfielder for A.E.K. Athens, crumpled in a heap in the middle of the field. His teammates quickly smuggle the ball out of play. The referee summons medical attention. An adapted golf cart […]